Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fourth Grade Brings BIG changes

I am taking part in a 15 week series from Mommy's Piggy Tales  This series is a way for us to record the story of out youth. I will be writing a "chapter" every Thursday.

Fourth grade was the end of one chapter in my life. 
I remember walking home on the last day of school. I was about half way home at the old wishing well when I decided to run back to the school for one last time and take a drink from the water fountain - crazy how vivid this memory is for me. I walked down the halls and looked back in my classroom - I ran my hand along the cold brick wall as I left for the last time.
You see, it was this summer that my mom was getting married and we would be moving to a new town. 
I was worried about having to go to a new school and especially sad that I would be moving away from my grandma whom I was so very close too.
I remember going with my soon to be dad to the old farm house for a sleepover before the wedding. I was scared that there were going to be mice....I also remember him making me hot dogs for supper. If memory serves me right, I think I got to sleep in the bed and he took the couch! 
Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me!


The Sunshine Crew said...

Thanks for sharing about your memories from 4th grade.
We also moved when I was in 4th grade.
We moved because my mom was expecting baby #5 and we needed a bigger home.
We all still attended the same parochial school though, so it was not as drastic.
Sometimes, we would take the bus to school and sometimes, my Dad would drive us in, as it was on his way to work.
It made for a much longer and much earlier commute, though.

Mom2three said...

While it is sad that you were having to move and leave your friends and school behind, I wonder what life will be like in the weeks ahead as you continue your memories with a new family life beginning. I wonder what adjustments and events unfolded. I look forward to reading more!

KellyW said...

Moving is SO hard! We moved after my 5th grade year. It was the haredest thing in my little life.

Mommy Moment said...

Thanks for your comments!
Kelly, This move was very hard for me too!


Janna said...

I'm curious how the new marriage goes. I hope it's a happy one.

I've had so many quiet moments like that saying goodbye to places, and feeling sad but not wanting to admit to anyone that I felt that way. That's where writing come in for me I guess, I can tell the pages and keep my melancholy a secret or so I would think.

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