Friday, January 7, 2011


The girls are growing up so quickly. 

Hard to believe that big sis is in kindergarten already. Where does the time go? As much as I wish time would slow down, I do love the stage she is at right now. Is it like that for anyone else? Big sis is extremely helpful and thoughtful of others. She loves Jesus and has the most encouraging prayers. She prays earnestly and passionately, I am even learning a thing or two about praying from her. This has brought a whole new level of understanding to the "have faith like a child" verse for me.

Little sis is as busy as ever. She too loves to pray - at mealtime. Did I mention that she does not want anyone else to pray. She shout & yells if someone else prays and says "ME PRAY, not you pray". 
Little sis fills the house with laughter. Makes me believe that God really does have a sense of humor. I have learned that a lot of things really do not matter. She is teaching me to relax and have more fun. 

I also can not believe that 2011 is the year that dear hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Since having the girls the time has just flown by. I pray that God continues to strengthen us. We have a wonderful marriage, but it makes me sad to see the number of marriages ending these days.

How are you all doing?


Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful! Best wishes for 2011!

The Sunshine Crew said...

Cute photos! Time does fly, that is for sure!
Great that you will be celebrating #10 this year.
Have a happy week and talk to you soon,

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