Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Grade

I am taking part in a 15 week series from Mommy's Piggy Tales  This series is a way for us to record the story of out youth. I will be writing a "chapter" every Thursday.

First Grade

I loved first grade. (Besides the fact that I had a bowl type hair cut and HUGE blue framed glasses!)
Ever have that teacher that makes such a difference in your life?
Mrs. Lewis was a kind teacher. Like I have told you before, I was a very quiet girl. Mrs. Lewis always took time each day to come by and put her warm hand on my shoulder. 
I loved that she did not ever make me feel bad for being quiet or not talking in class. 
 Mrs. Lewis was a grade one teacher for about 20 years. I'm sure she was a blessing to many children and most likely does not know how much she meant to so many kids! 


Jenny said...

I wrote about my teacher today, too! :)

The Sunshine Crew said...

Glad that you had such a special teacher and that she was so kind to you and made you feel comfortable...that is so important.

Janna said...

This is perfect! Short can be more powerful sometimes. We can all stand to be reminded just how awesome a simple touch of reassurance can be to someone. I hope to be a Mrs. Lewis to the children in my life as well.

LizzieV. said...

How wonderful! To have a teacher give you that kind of quiet confidence. I'm glad she was in your life; I'm certain this will shape things to come. Looking forward to more stories.

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